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28 November
by Heather Wilson 28. November 2011 17:23

The most important way to start your day is to eat a balanced breakfast.  During finals week it’s even more essential to take care of your body with proper nutrition. 

I stumbled upon a great website,, for ideas to spice up your routine dishes.  In the post “8 Fast and Easy Breakfasts for People on the Go” I became inspired to try something besides my go-to Special K cereal.  Even though there’s the proper mix of fruit, whole grains and calcium it might be beneficial to mix up my morning routine, especially with finals around the corner.

One thing that really surprised me was microwave scrambled eggs.  I just never thought to cook eggs in a microwave…maybe I’m just behind the times.  Or adding Cheerios or peanut butter to oatmeal, these delicious options might just give me the extra boost of energy I need to make it to my finals alert and ready.

If you have any tasty breakfast ideas post it in the comments and I’ll try them out and tell you how it goes!

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