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28 November
by Brandy S. 28. November 2012 10:05

Hello Readers!

As a college student you’re probably feeling the stress. It might be school, finances, family, work or relationship related. I know for me, at times it can be all of these!  After doing some research and trying some of these things myself, I found that I could deal with my stress more. Give the following tips a try:

1. Plan out your day: A lot of stress comes from worrying about getting all of your tasks done that day. I find it helpful to use a planner or mini white board to spell out my day.

2. Relaxing time: Not only should you include the important things for the day in your planner, but also schedule time to relax. It is important to make time for yourself in the day so as to not burn yourself out.

3. Write down problems: For some people it can be really helpful to get all of their worries onto paper. I usually can’t sleep until I do this so I know I will not forget something important!

4. Set achievable goals: You could possibly be creating more stress for yourself when you set goals that you aren’t able to achieve. Reevaluate your goals and make sure you are able to achieve them.

5. Diet and Exercise: When you exercise, you use up the hormones that the body produces under stress! A healthy diet is also essential. You want to eat foods that will give you a long lasting supply of energy so you don’t feel more tired than you are.

Stress doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. You can channel stress to get motivated to work through deadlines and when it is short term it can increase your memory and immunity according to But long term affects can cause the opposite, not to mention you can be in a bad mood, be irritable and gain weight.

To learn how to relax from your stress, check out the WSU Counseling Services website.

Live healthy Readers!



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